Cruise Customer Complaints: Ocean “Too Loud,” Lackluster Tanning Conditions

Their travails may have paled in comparison with those of travelers on the crippled Carnival Triumph

Ocean sounds, weather patterns, captains that stick to schedule and attentive staff — all face criticism on cruise lines.

British online cruise travel agency Bon Voyage has reportedly published a top 10 list of the most outlandish complaints from its customers in the last year.

One woman complained the sea was "too loud" and suggested better sound-proofing of passenger accommodations, because she couldn't sleep well on her Mediterranean cruise, The Courier Mail reported.

A couple who left a note behind on the ship while sightseeing in the port claimed the captain was "rude" for sailing away without them.

One man reported that he did not get "an impressive tan" on his cruise around Alaska, insisting every cruise is supposed to have sunny weather.

Another woman was said to have asked for a refund from Celebrity Cruises because there were "no celebrities on board."

A couple even complained about good service, saying that they should receive compensation since they had to shell out tips for staff and spent "a lot more money than planned."

Those passengers might have had more to complain about, though, if they had been cruising on the Carnival Triumph, which lost power and drifted for more than five days without working toilets or electricity in February, or on the Carnival Dream, which was docked in the Everglades and featured hours-long disembarking lines — or perhaps on the Royal Caribbean ship where more than 100 people suffered from a stomach virus.

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