Chloe Moretz Is Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange, the goth girl creation of pro skater Rob Reger, celebrated her 17th 13th birthday yesterday with the announcement that Chloe Moretz will be portraying her in a feature film.

"When I first met Chloe I knew I found my Emily," Reger told Deadline. "She really identifies and understands the character, and has what it takes to bring her to life."

Reger originally created Emily for stickers to promote his line of clothing Cosmic Debris (no dount named for a classic Frank Zappa song), but the character has since launched a line of her own and books published by Dark Horse Comics among others.

Few child stars have come out of the gate with such force as Moretz, She stole all her scenes opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "(500) Days of Summer," was great as Hit Girl in "Kick-Ass" and her upcoming adolescent vampire romance, "Let Me In," a remake of the beloved Swedish film "Let the Right One In," has been generating massive buzz.

On top of that she's just finished shooting on Martin Scorsese's "Hugo Cabret," and will be starring alongside Sam Worthington in "The Fields" next year. Let's hope she doesn't pull a Corey.

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