Carla Gugino Returning to “Entourage”


Carla Gugino is returning to "Entourage" after raising the show's collective room temperature in season 3.

Gugino played Amanda Daniels, a sexy talent agent who paid special attention to her star client Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and was the brief nemesis to Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).

Gugino was mum about the part when asked about it by PopcornBiz. But she did say it was "exciting to step into Amanda's shoes again" for the popular HBO series.

As for whether she will begin bedding Grenier or annoying Piven she added: "I think it will all take a different turn. But I cannot reveal anything more."

Perrey Reeves, who plays Mrs. Ari Gold says she was thrilled about the news. "It's exciting," she tells us. "We love our girls."

Gugino will also play David Duchovny's lawyer in Showtime's "Californication."

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