Bill Murray Will Sing Christmas Carols in Upcoming Sofia Coppola TV Special

Bill Murray delighted us with his singing voice in the closing credits for "St. Vincent," and he's ready to do it again.

The beloved actor has just been tapped to sing traditional carols in an upcoming TV Christmas special.

The 64-year-old star confirmed the news to Variety that he'll team up once again with his "Lost in Translation" director, Sofia Coppola, for the project.

"It's not going to be live," he told the publication. "We're going to do it like a little movie. It won't have a format, but it's going to have music. It will have texture. It will have threads through it that are writing. There will be prose."

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He added that "it will have a patina style and wit to it. It will be nice."

Other than that though, not many details have been released (or even figured out) surrounding the holiday special.

Meanwhile, Coppola confirmed that she's hard at work on a movie with Murray, and joked about what she would really like to see him do on film.

"We're working on a Christmas special. Not sure when it will air, but my motivation is to hear him singing my song requests."

Also during the interview, Murray revealed that he's tried to steer clear of focusing on winning awards for his acting, after he didn't go home with an Academy Award for his role in the 2004 Coppola flick.

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He said that he had "been infected" with the belief that he would win at the time, but left disappointed.

But nowadays, he feels that winning such a high honor would've possibly hurt his career.

"People have this post-Oscar blowback," Murray says. "They starting thinking, 'I can't do a movie unless it's Oscar-worthy.' It just seems people have difficulty making the right choices after that."

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