Ashton Kutcher Hurts People, For Real

If the fight sequences in "Killers" seemed pretty realistic, it might be because producer and star Ashton Kutcher was causing some real-life mayhem on set.

Kutcher's accidental real kick to onscreen foe Rob Riggle's face was just one of the injuries reported.

"He didn't hit the moneymakers," Riggle told PopcornBiz, flashing a full smile that would make any hockey player envious.

"But he chipped a back tooth," Riggle told us. "There wasn't blood. He just flattened it out a bit."

During the "Killer's" press conference, Kutcher explained that pre-movie he learned all kinds of fight training -- perhaps a little too well.

"I should have learned how to movie fight," he added. "In the first scene I did, I knocked out the stunt guy -- that was a bad ordeal."

They were doing a fight scene onboard a yacht. The stunt guy gave a movie punch to Kutcher, who blocked it and delivered a too-real blow right back.

"I knocked him out," he said. "I felt real bad about that."

"And I kicked Rob in the face," said Kutcher glumly. "I hurt a lot of people."

Riggle, a former Marine, said that he had a few injuries after his "Killers" ordeal , "I think I suffered more in the fight scene than I ever suffered in Afghanistan. I chipped a tooth, sprained an ankle and twisted my thumbs back."

"Ashton's a scrappy young man."

Kutcher said he learned his lesson. "I should just have the stunt guy do everything to be honest," he said. "And I'll just make the jokes."

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