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Abilene Family Finds 24 Rattlesnakes in Home



    The discovery of a rattlesnake in the family toilet by four-year-old Ian McFadden lead the Abilene, Texas family to a shocking discovery - a den of rattlers living in the house's cellar and foundations. All in all, 24 snakes were found. (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2017)

    You can expect to find snakes in a Texas yard, in a pile of leaves or maybe in the garden. But the toilet is usually the last place to look.


    Abilene mother of five Cassie McFadden woke up to a surprise when her 4-year-old son ran into the bedroom and informed her of a snake in their toilet. 

    McFadden told a reporter for KRBC news she was forced to "hit it a few times, unfortunately." 

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    His neighbor came to his aid with a rope and a knife but, the victim said, the ordeal only ended when the python momentarily lost strength and the victim managed to pry open its jaws.
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    The incident made the family worry about what else may be lurking within their home. So McFadden's husband, Jason, took action.

    "I didn't want to risk it," Jason McFadden said. "So that's when I felt moved to find a local snake removal company."

    It's good he did. Big Country Snake Removal pulled 10 rattlesnakes from under the house and 13 from the cellar. 

    Nathan Hawkins of Big Country Snake Removal blames the rain for the increase in snake sightings.

    "The rodent population has been super high this year, therefore, more snakes," Hawkins said.