Wylie Police Locate Hero Swimmer Who Saved Boy from Drowning

The search for a man by Wylie Police is over.

But he’s not a suspect.

He’s credited with saving a boy from drowning on June 20th.

Devonte Emory went swimming with a friend at Kreyr Community Pool one day after turning 20 years old.

“People say: ‘oh you’re a hero,’ but I mean anyone could’ve been a hero,” he said. “I was just doing what anyone would do.”

Emory saw a 5-year-old boy in the pool.

“He was on top of the steps. He was looking like he was having some fun. I go back underneath the water and I come back up and he was gone,” he said.

In seconds, the college football player searched for the boy underwater.

“He wasn’t moving so my first reaction was to grab him and when I grabbed him he had foam coming from his mouth,” he said. “When I picked him up, he was stiff. So he was kind of light so instead of holding him right here…I just picked him up like that.”

The boy was placed on the ground, was turned on his side and patted on the back until he came to.

Medics and police were called in and Emory left.

Days later, Wylie Police posted a body camera photo on Facebook.

“I kinda got scared,” said Emory laughing. “I was like what are they looking for me for?”

Police wanted to personally thank Emory for his quick thinking and actions that helped save the little boy.

Emory saw his picture and called police himself.

“Feels great,” he said. “Feels great.”

Emory has received ‘thank yous’ from police department and from the boy’s mother, who was nearby that day.

He said they have communicated and plan to meet in person soon.

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