Would-Be Robber Arrested After Falling Through Grocery Store Ceiling

Officers arrested two men, including one who fell through a store's ceiling tiles while attempting to elude capture, who broke into a North Fort Worth grocery store early Wednesday morning, police say.

Police said Sergio Salinas, 29, and Jose Oscar Salinas, 30, ran to the back of the store when officers arrived at Elrod's Cost Plus in the 1500 block of Northwest 25th Street around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday.

When officers chased the men, Jose Salinas ran through a back exit door and was arrested by an officer on the other side, police said. Meanwhile, Sergio Salinas climbed into the ceiling and tried to move across the store's ceiling tiles to get away from an officer.

Salinas was eventually taken into custody after he fell through the ceiling, police said.

Police said when they arrested the men, Jose Salinas carried a bag that contained 22 packs of cigarettes and 22 packs of meat, valued at $385.88, while Sergio Salinas had a bag that contained 29 packs of cigarettes, valued at $219.43.

Both men were treated and released at the scene by MedStar, Fort Worth police said. They were then taken to the city jail where they faced charges of burglary of a building.

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