Worst of Flu Season Over?

The worst of the flu season appears to be over in North Texas.

“We’ve actually peaked as of approximately two weeks ago and so we’re seeing a decline as far as overall number of flu cases in Dallas County,” says Dr. Christopher Perkins, Medical Director at Dallas County Department of Health & Human Services.

The latest weekly reports from both Dallas and Tarrant Counties, for the week ending Jan. 19, show a decline in the number of flu cases, now at their lowest since the holidays.

“We generally see our peak in January, but we saw our peak this time around in December," says Perkins.

But that doesn’t mean the flu season is over, and it’s not too late for a flu shot.

“We’ve had the community getting vaccinated so that prepares us for this extended long flu season which the CDC is predicting might last as long as into March,” says Perkins.

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