Witnesses in Fatal LBJ Freeway Crash Tended to Suspected Hit & Run Driver; Say He Walked Away from His Injured Son

Witnesses to the aftermath of a horrific hit and run crash are sharing what they saw the suspected driver doing before he is accused of walking away from the scene.

The search continues for the driver, Jesus Chavarria Vasquez.

The 32-year-old is accused of killing three young men along LBJ Freeway early Sunday morning.

Police say the driver left the scene, leaving behind his smashed truck and injured 12-year-old son.

The two witnesses agreed to speak with NBC 5, but requested to have their identities concealed out of fear.

Giselle, who only shared her first name, quickly found herself inside a heartbreaking scene she thought was a two-car crash with several victims while driving home.

"Two of the victims were walking toward me. It was the kid with the dad," she said.

She says that man, identified by Dallas police as Vasquez, walked toward her with his son.

She remembers Vasquez appeared to be uninjured and was speaking clearly.

His son, however, had visible injuries.

"He had a head injury,"she said. "My main focus was keeping him awake."

Giselle's medical background kicked in.

She started asking the boy and his father many questions to keep them alert.

"[The dad] kind of got bothered at my asking questions. He was like: pay attention to my kid. My kid's bleeding. Don't you see that,"she said.

She says Vasquez told her he and his son were heading home from a party.

He then asked her to call the boy's mother.

"Right after I gave him his phone he was like: I'll be right back,"she said. "I was like ‘ok.'"

Giselle and her friend Yesenia thought the worried father was walking back to his pickup truck.

"He just started walking down the exit,"said Yesenia. "Like calm. I didn't think he was going to leave the scene."

"I was like: Did he really leave?'"said Giselle.

She said police were on the scene tending to the victims in the Rav 4 as well as closing down the freeway.

"And then the police officer was like: Where's the dad? I said: He should be around his truck. He said: No he's not there,'"she said. "My concern was like: don't worry about that. Worry about the kid. Don't let him know that his dad just walked away."

Giselle says she still can't shake the images or the father's alleged action.

"He was just so worried about his son,"she said. "I just couldn't take it in. How could he leave him?"

Dallas police on Monday said Vasquez was identified as the driver not only by the truck and child he left behind, but also because he left his drivers license at the scene.

Police said they cannot confirm whether the 32-year-old was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

But police did say the victims had pulled off to the side of the freeway to fix a flat tire and had their emergency flashing lights on at the time of the crash.

The three victims: Hieu Doan, David Nguyen and Christopher Pham were remembered by family and friends at a private vigil tonight.

A young woman who was also injured in the crash remains in the hospital.

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