Winter Outlook Doesn't Look Good for Snow in Texas

It’s looking like this winter will pick up where the last two left off: mild.

The Winter Weather Outlook was released Thursday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Unfortunately for snow-lovers, our chances don’t look so good here in North Texas.

2017-18 Winter Outlook map for precipitation.

Along with warmer than normal temperatures, precipitation is expected to be below normal.

Much of this forecast correlates to a redeveloping La Niña pattern, which typically starts showing signs in late fall. While a couple Arctic intrusions could make it down to Texas, they are likely to be short-lived with the cold air quickly retreating north after a day or two.

2017-18 Winter Outlook map for temperature.

An update to NOAA’s prediction will come out Nov. 16, so stay tuned (especially if you’re hoping the forecast changes to give us a better chance of snow).

Online: NOAA Winter Weather Outlook

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