Wildlife Rescue Group Deals With Bunny Boom

Rabbit rescue busy after Easter holiday with abandoned bunnies

A North Texas wildlife rescue is extremely busy with a bunny boom.

WildRescue Inc./Rabbit Rescue took in dozens of bunnies that were abandoned after Easter. The safe place for rabbits is in danger of outgrowing itself just weeks after Easter.

"It is such a discouraging time of year for us," Diana Leggett said. "We have already taken in over 20 Easter rabbits that have now been thrown away. Wait about three months, then it really hits the shelters, and our calls skyrocket."

Hundreds of rabbits live in her house and in her backyard, which Leggett calls "Bunny World."

"It's all about the bunnies," she said.

Leggett said the animals are more than pets.

"This is definitely my life's passion," she said. "These are all my kids. I should have had 3,000 kids. I essentially did."

Leggett's rabbit rescue saves more than 1,000 abandoned bunnies from being killed each year.

"We are the largest rabbit rescue in the Southwest -- there's no question," she said.

It's an around-the-clock job that leaves Leggett no time for herself, but she said she won't give it up. Leggett said she finds rest in each mouth she feeds.

"I am making a difference every single minute of my life, and it doesn't get any better than that," she said.

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