Wife of Man Beaten in his RV Asking for Help to Find Attackers

An Arlington man is recovering from a severe beating that left him with a brain bleed in the ICU for nearly a week. Police are searching for three men they say broke into his RV, then robbed and beat him.

Surveillance video caught the men running away and now the victim's wife is praying someone will recognize the attackers.

Jerry Bledsoe had parked his RV near the corner of Matlock Road and SW Green Oaks Blvd., in a parking lot shaded by trees.

But around 9:30 Sunday evening, he called his wife with a message she won't forget.

"You need to come, I don't know what they hit me with," Louella Bledsoe said.

Mrs. Bledsoe rushed over and found her husband lying on the RV floor, his head bleeding.

"There was blood everywhere, I barely found him," said Bledsoe.

A surveillance camera from across the parking lot shows one man running away from the RV, a minute and a half later two more guys took off.

Investigators believe the men saw a crime of opportunity and broke in looking for something to steal. When they found Jerry Bledsoe inside, police say they beat him severely and stole his gun.

"He's got blood on the outside of his brain, around his brain and he's also got an internal bleed in his brain," Mrs. Bledsoe said.

He's now recovering from surgery in the ICU and slowly beginning to speak again.

"He's a good man. He didn't deserve this," said Mrs. Bledsoe.

He's begun talking to detectives, hoping to ID the men who did this to him, men his wife wants off the streets.

"I hope they get what's coming to them,” Bledsoe said. “They should feel what he feels. Anybody that does this to anybody should feel what they've done."

Hoping someone can recognize something in the video and bring back the peace Jerry had hoped to find.

The stolen gun is distinctive and the Bledsoes hope someone may recognize it if the robbers try to sell it. It was the NRA gun of the year in 2015 and it has “NRA” stenciled on it, along with a gold inlay.

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