What's That Ungodly Smell in Godley? NBC 5 Got the Answer

Godley residents are concerned about a persistent odor.

What to Know

  • Residents in Godley reported smelling something foul in the air over the past week.
  • Mayor David Wallis said it's due to a private land owner getting biosolids dumped on his property for fertilizer.
  • Mayor Wallis said due to recent rainfall, a larger amount than normal was dumped last week, which caused the odor. It will dissipate soon.

What's that smell? 

Some Godley residents contacted NBC 5 on Thursday with a question - what is the ubiquitous odor they're smelling? 

We contacted the Mayor's office to get the answer, and while the smell is upleasant, Mayor David Wallis said it's something people will have to wait out. 

Mayor Wallis said the smell is due to a Fort Worth company that's dumping biosolids, that's treated domestic sewage, onto a private land owner's property about three miles north of Godley city limits. 

Biosolids are commonly used as fertilzer. The private land owner has a permit and contract with the city of Fort Worth to do this, said Mayor Wallis.

He said the reason residents (including himself) are just now smelling it is due to recent rainfall. 

Mayor Wallis explained, apparently biosolids cannot be dumped while it's raining, which caused there to be a back-up (of sorts) in the deposits to that property. That meant last week, there was a larger than normal amount dumped, which in turn caused more of an odor than usual. 

The Mayor said the smell has already begun to subside and he hopes it will continue to dissipate over the coming days. 

The Mayor's office has been in touch with that land owner and the company in Fort Worth to make sure this does not happen again. 

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