‘Wet Beef Day’ – Rain Troubles Local Rancher, Livestock

As the weather changes from sunny to rainy to icy within one week, North Texas ranchers and farmers may face an extra challenge with handling livestock.

Rancher Bob Tallman of Parker County tells NBCDFW that Tuesday night into Wednesday was not the best night for his livestock.

As temperatures dipped and ice rain poured around 4 a.m. this morning at his ranch north of Weatherford, Tallman knew he had three calves that needed saving.

Tallman says he went out three times to bring the calves indoors. He saved two of them.

Tallman says, “Everybody wants to be a cowboy until you gotta do cowboy stuff.”

Tallman joked that he’d rather have, “Montana and 30 below rather than 24 hours of rain and ice rain. It’s a wet beef day in Texas.”

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