Wal-Mart Store Lowers Dog Food Display Amid Safety Concerns

Customer complained about big bags piled almost to ceiling

A Wal-Mart store in Decatur dismantled a dog food display that was stacked almost to the ceiling, amid questions about the safety risk.

Customer Scarlet Sears said she was shopping at the retailer Wednesday night when she saw the huge pile and complained to a manager.

“They blew me off completely,” Sears said. “Somebody was going to get hurt and I was very concerned.”

Sears said 37 bags were piled on top of each other in a stack about 20 feet high. She was worried those bags would collapse like a house of cards.

After her concerns were dismissed, she left her basket full of items and walked out of the store.

Sears posted pictures of the display on her Facebook page and wrote, “I’m livid. This is the most dangerous thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

Sears also contacted NBC 5, which forwarded her photos to the Wal-Mart Corporate Public Affairs Office in Arkansas.

Their response was quick.

"We appreciate our store wanting to make a big impression, but this is obviously a little too much,” Wal-Mart said in a statement. “We have contacted store management to express our concerns and the display has been modified. Thanks for bringing this to our attention."

Less than two hours later, workers had dismantled the display to a much lower level.

"I wanted it down and we got it,” Sears said. “I'm so happy that they took it down."

Sears also said a Wal-Mart vice president called her to apologize.

"He was very wonderful and told me he would not only be addressing the Decatur situation but all the North Texas Wal-Marts,” Sears said.

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