Man Turns Walmart Into Drive-Through

Walmart greeter escapes serious injury

A Walmart greeter was hit by flying glass as a driver smashed his Acura Integra through the store's entrance Thursday morning, Fort Worth police said. 

Witnesses said the man drove recklessly up and down the aisles of the parking lot before he crashed into the Eastchase Parkway store at about 8 a.m. 

"I heard loud screeching," said Terry Carr, a Walmart employee. "Glass was everywhere. The only thing I could think of was like someone doing a terrorist act."

Carr said she was shocked to see a car crashed outside the store's McDonald's restaurant.

"The people greeter, we couldn't find her, and we thought for sure she was underneath the car or something like that, it was just horrible," Carr said.

The greeter had fallen to the ground, but was not seriously injured, witnesses said. 

Police said after the driver slammed into the store, he tried to leave, but his vehicle wouldn't start.

"So he bailed out of his car and fled on foot," said Officer Abby Bounds.

She said the man then tried to catch a ride with a Walmart shopper driving through the parking lot.

"I'm not quite sure if he jumped into the back of the truck, or jumped on the truck, but they thought he was trying to carjack them because he was beating on the windows," Bounds said. 

The driver of the truck swerved trying to shake the man and in the process hit four parked cars before crashing to a halt, she said.

The man fell off the pickup truck and was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.

Bounds said he will face criminal charges.

"Most definitely DWI," she said.

There were no other serious injuries, but several people went to the hospital on their own, police said. 

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