Wake Boarders Dream Comes True in FW

Aledo man set to open Cowtown Wakepark water amusement near downtown

by Bruce Felps

Tommy Fambrough dreamed of bringing a wakeboard park to metropolitan citizens rather than making metropolitan citizens travel to a wakeboard park.

"I didn't want one out between here and Waco," Fambrough was quoted as saying in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article. "I wanted one here in the Metroplex."

And now he’s got it. Well, almost. Cowtown Wakepark should open within a week or less, and city wakeboarders won’t have to charm up a friend or acquaintance with a boat and lake access to participate in the sport … activity … pastime … recreation.

Cowtown Wakepark — five acres adjacent to the Trinity River, just north of downtown — uses cables strung from 45-foot towers rather than boats to propel wakeboarders along the water. Once a rider falls off his or her board, and the cable swings back for the next in line.

And the water? It’s the Trinity, don’t worry about it, Fambrough said in the article, which went on to paraphrase him, “bacteria levels are within the state standards for swimming, just [as] they are on the Brazos and Guadalupe rivers” and people splash and play and, um, stuff in those rivers every summer.

Yes, “bacteria levels do spike on the Trinity during floods and storms,” but the really wicked stuff flows downstream to Dallas. It’s cool.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Hey, he thought wakeboarding was prohibited under terms of the Geneva Conventions. What? Oh, right.

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