Waiting Game Continues for Blue Bell Lovers

Fans of Blue Bell ice cream continue to wait for the popular creamery to begin production again.

Wednesday marked the ninth day since Blue Bell recalled all its products nationwide and began what it promises to be a thorough cleaning.

A company spokesperson told NBC 5 that there is no time frame for when ice cream production might restart.

"We anticipate some maintenance projects possibly to the floors, etc., and we are in the process of disassembling, swabbing and cleaning machinery. While both of these projects can be done simultaneously, they may take a few weeks. We would want all of these projects completed before production of ice cream begins," said Joe Roberson with Blue Bell.

Blue Bell’s Brenham facility and a separate Oklahoma plant have been under scrutiny since Listeria found in ice cream contributed to several deaths in Kansas and sickened people in Texas and other states.

State health inspectors found crickets in a storage room, dirty mop buckets and mildew at Blue Bell’s sprawling plant in Brenham, according to records obtained by NBC 5 Investigates.

Now, the electronic billboard of Shepard of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington reads, "Take your time. We will wait," accompanied with a Blue Bell logo. The signs represent the support many Texans have for the iconic ice cream brand.

Many North Texas grocery stores have since filled the empty freezer shelves with existing product.

One major chain said it's heard rumors of a Blue Bell return by Memorial Day, but Blue Bell gave no comment on the potential time frame.

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