Vicky's Panty Raids Move to the ‘Burbs

Thieves steal $3,400 in panties from Victoria's Secret in Hurst

It appears panty raids aren't limited to Dallas.

Two men and a woman snatched $3,400 worth of unmentionables from a Victoria's Secret in Hurst last week, police said.

The thieves took 100 panties valued at $14 each and 125 valued at $16 each on March 9, the police report said.

The theft comes after two previous raids on the Victoria's Secret at Dallas' Mockingbird Station. A couple stole more than 130 panties in November. Then a man and a woman walked out with 75 pairs of underwear valued at more than $1,000 just last month.

In the Hurst incident, the thieves removed the panties from drawers opened at the front of the store at North East Mall and started placing them into a bag while most of the employees were in the rear of Victoria's Secret, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Wednesday.

No arrests have been made in the March 9 thefts.

But Hurst police did arrest three people in January on suspicion of stealing $1,000 worth of clothes from Vicky's, the Star-Telegram reported.

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