Job Fair Helps Veterans Battle Tough Economy

A job fair held at the Ballpark Thursday was aimed strictly at retired military veterans entering this tough job market.

Over 400 veterans attended the Recruit Military job fair to fill out applications and meet face-to-face with representatives from companies like American Airlines and the Dallas Police Department.

For the veterans like Steve Gallegos, it provided one-on-one interaction with company representatives.

It's been more than 30-years since Gallegos left the Marines. He said he's been looking for a job for almost a year now after giving up a career as an attorney.

"It's been rough. And I like this event because it allows you one-on-one time with the recruiters, which is really neat -- that you don't get with the job boards and sending resumes," Gallegos said.

Potential employers said they realize that most applicants with military service bring more to the table.

"A lot of cases the people on the other side of the booth are veterans themselves and it breaks down some barriers right a way and they're able to talk in their own language at their own level very quickly," said Larry Slagle of Recruit Military.

Many of the veterans said they felt like the job fair helped them make valuable contacts that could lead to a good job.

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