Vandals Strike Golf Course Twice

Stewart Peninsula Golf Course owner offering $500 reward for information in case

Vandals have targeted a North Texas golf course twice in one week.

The vandals broke signs and stole a golf cart at the Stewart Peninsula Golf Course in The Colony.

Course owner Brandon Clough arrived at work Wednesday to find seven of the hole signs torn down and broken.

"We found half of the signs were broken into three or four pieces," he said.

The vandals also broke into the cart barn and stole a golf cart.

"I was angry," Clough said. "I felt violated."

Clough said he worries the vandalism is just beginning.

" I do think it will happen again," he said. "I'm afraid it will hurt business."

Golfer Matthew Cloutier said he hopes authorities find the vandals.

"It's just foolishness," he said.

"It doesn't sound like a lot, but when it's yours -- just like anybody that breaks into a home -- you want justice for them," Cloutier said.

Investigators said they believe the vandals may be teenagers.

Clough is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to the vandals.

"They may be bored one night and just want to do something," he said. "They need to understand they hurt a lot more than me. They hurt my family because it's my family's business. They hurt my customers who consider this their golf course."

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