Vandals in Corsicana Cause $50K Damage to New Road Before It Opens

North 24th Street in Corsicana should be open by now. It's not. Vandals walked in fresh cement the evening of January 4th, just before the road was set to reopen.

"I think it was not very nice, especially to the construction workers or to us," said Roberto de Leon, who worked at La Cabana Tex Mex Restaurant, which sits along North 24th Street.

The roadway is riddled with hardened footprints going in all directions. The vandals caused $50,000 damage and delayed the road reopening. Parts of North 24th Street are ripped up as construction crews begin repairing the damage.

"They had covered the lane with a tarp because they were going to leave it to harden overnight," de Leon said. "I guess once they uncovered it they saw all the foot tracks all over it."

Police are treating it not as a prank, but a crime.

"So it has hurt business since they closed it down," de Leon said reading a book at his host stand. "To just stomp all over it the day it's supposed to be done, that's just kicking us when we're down."

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