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Vandalism at Plano West High may be Felony-Level Damage

Derogatory words, lewd images and even several racial slurs were found spray-painted on Plano West High School and throughout the parking lot Monday morning.

Students and staff arrived to find the vandalism on a building entrance and then it was quickly discovered along an entire side of the building, on signs and utility boxes on the campus, and even on at least two vans in the parking lot.

Plano Police Department Public Information Officer David Tilley said the damage was likely left sometime over the weekend and the simple amount of damage left behind could make the crime a felony.

Officers and the school district are looking into surveillance video from the school to see if the incident was recorded and if those responsible can be identified.

Tilley acknowledged Monday that crimes like this are often the product of school rivalries or teenage pranks, but he said this one clearly went too far.

"It's when it crosses that line into this particular area here that it becomes a little bit more concerning,” said Tilley.

Plano West Principal Kathy King released this statement Monday:

"I know that the vandalism discovered on our campus this morning has been the subject of concern for many of you. It was disheartening for the students and staff of Plano West to return to our school following the weekend to find vulgarities spray-painted on buildings, vehicles and other campus structures.

Campus and district personnel are working with the Plano Police Department to investigate this incident and to hopefully determine who is responsible for defacing our school. Now that crime scene officers have completed their work of capturing evidence, we are glad to be able to begin removing the graffiti from our campus as we continue our instructional day. Thank you for your support as we work to maintain a safe and welcoming learning community.

Sincerely, Kathy King, Principal, Plano West Senior High School"

Police ask that anyone with information in this situation bring it to them right away or to the district's Campus Crime Stoppers program. Tilley said information leading to an arrest may be eligible for a reward.

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