Vacant Seat at Dallas City Hall After Dwaine Caraway's Guilty Plea

Dallas City Council Members expressed sadness about the corruption charges over which Dwaine Caraway resigned Thursday and pleaded guilty. They hope actions by the long time Councilman will not taint the rest of Dallas City Hall.

“We need to have good honest government. We need to have it. Simple as that,” said Councilman Kevin Felder.

Felder’s district is adjacent to the one Caraway represented and they were adversaries on many issues. But Felder said he was surprised that Caraway chose not to fight the federal corruption case.

“The electorate is going to be cynical. They’re going to be questioning every decision that we make. And that’s fine. They should do that,” Felder said. “If you’re an elected official and you’re not doing anything wrong, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Councilman Lee Kleinman said Caraway was a friend and he found Thursday’s news disappointing.

“But none the less, people need to be held accountable for their actions,” Kleinman said. “I just upsets me to think it tarnishes the image of City Hall. We need to make sure that people are assured, things are done right at City Hall. We need to regain their confidence.”

Mayor Mike Rawlings declined interview requests and issued a statement thanking Caraway for his years of public service and for taking responsibility in this case. Rawlings said it avoided a drawn out legal fight.

A special November 6th elections is planned to fill Caraway’s seat.

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