TxDot Proposing Massive Project to Expand I-30

TxDot is proposing a massive project to Dallas city staff to fix up I-30.

TxDot recently released a draft plan to reconstruct and widen I-30 from the Dallas Mixmaster all the way east to Lake Ray Hubbard.

“We've known that the I-30 corridor has been something to address for years now," said Tony Hartzel, a spokesman with TxDot,

He said the first section they will focus on is the stretch of I-30 between the Mixmaster and Fair Park.

Hartzel said they will possibly expand each side of the highway into five general purpose lanes, two express lanes, and frontage roads. They will also consider below-grade lanes near Fair Park.

"These are all items that we will have discussions with the city about as to what to include and what their input will be," he said.

Hartzel said they are planning to formally meet with city staff to go over the draft sometime this month.

Another thing they will have to consider, is that if they expand the highway many homes and businesses could be seized by eminent domain.

"If we widen the roadway, there is a possibility that some properties could be effected," he said.

Just two years ago, TxDot released its “CityMAP” which offered several paths to manage traffic and rebuild old highways around downtown Dallas.

"The CityMAP plan provided several different options for I-30, those are just scenarios though, and we look at that as a starting point for discussion," said Hartzel.

He said they will continue to look at the CityMAP report, but will also bring other ideas to city staff as well.

Hartzel said they plan to spend a couple years discussing the project and seeking input from the public and city officials.

He doesn’t expect construction to start until at least 2023.

"Nothing has been set in stone, and we are going to move forward with this to try to find a solution for everyone,” said Hartzel.

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