TxDOT Road Crews Restocked, Ready

This winter is keeping Texas Department of Transportation crews on alert.

"We have to be ready for what's next. It seems like, especially this winter, it's been one after another situation," said TxDOT Dallas spokesman Ryan LaFontaine.

Sunday night, TxDOT crews were ready to hit the road to look for icy patches on bridge and overpasses.

Crews were also preparing for what's to come since the forecast calls for precipitation and freezing temperatures this week.

"So what we did is started going back and get a tally for all the material and supplies that we used; we have to restock and do it fast," said LaFontaine.

The tally is impressive.

So far this winter, the TxDOT Dallas district has used 12,002 gallons of liquid salt pretreat, 7,342 cubic yards of sand (612 dump trucks) and 140,000 pounds of salt-sodium chloride mix.

"Right when you think it's going to get warm, it turns cold. It's 70 one day, 20 the next," said Jode White of Dallas. "This winter has been crazy."

For TxDOT, the crazy Texas winter means being ready for anything.

"Seems like we have at least a scare every couple of days, we have to be ready," said LaFontaine.

TxDOT said the supplies are available and the equipment are ready, should they be needed.

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