TX Lawmakers File Roofing Bill To Protect Consumers

Lawmakers filed a bill in the Texas legislature on Thursday to protect consumers and hold bad contractors accountable.

Many have called Texas an "anti-regulation state," but this proposed bill challenges that narrative and is aimed at putting the consumer first.

NBC 5 Consumer Responds has aired many stories on dishonest roofers.

You've heard the cries of consumers who lost their savings or insurance checks to roofing companies.

Many people we've spoken to are storm victims who are just wanting to rebuild, but their money ends up in the wrong hands.

Representative Giovanni Capriglione (R) is sponsoring the bill and believes it's long overdue in Texas.

"What happens is, individuals who have worked hard for their money, hard for their house, start signing up with contractors who don't have the best interest at their heart and basically losing money and possibly ending up in an endangered situation. So, I strongly believe that the government has a role to play in providing basic protection for consumers in the marketplace," he said. 

Here's what this re-roofing bill would entail:

Roofing companies would have to register with the state by paying a small fee, providing a business address and phone number.

If a roofing company is not registered, they will not be able to get any building permits in Texas.

Some are surprised that Texas doesn't already have such rules in place, but Capriglione sees it as a first step in protecting consumers statewide. 

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