TWU Halts Contract Negotiations With American Eagle

The Transport Workers Union and AMR's American Eagle ended contract talks Thursday, the union and the airline said.

American Eagle spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said the airline and union concluded talks "amicably" after reaching agreement on several noncompensation-related issues.

The union said talks ended after American Eagle was unprepared or unauthorized to bargain on items up for discussion.

"The TWU believes the company failed to honor their commitments. We essentially told them, 'Don't waste your breath' and 'Don't waste our time,'" said John Conley, TWU's Air Transport Division Director. "As promised, we will now file for federal mediation.  We also will be gathering our leaders from American and American Eagle to reassess our relationship with AMR."

Huguely said American Eagle and TWU jointly filed for mediation.

"We remain committed to a cooperative and constructive relationship with our unions and look forward to reaching agreements that benefit our employees and the airline," she said.

TWU leaders said they will conduct further internal meetings to discuss new tactics for negotiation of benefits, compensation and the duration of the next contract.

The TWU represents more workers at American Airlines and American Eagle than any other union.

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