Two More Disciplined in 911 Call Controversy

On August 17th, Dallas Police said resident Deanna Cook called 911 claiming she feared for her life. Investigators said the 911 operator who took the call took too long to get the pertinent information to police.

When police finally showed up at Cook’s home, no one answered the door so police left.
Two days later, Cook’s family found her body in a bathtub.  Investigators said her former husband strangled her.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown fired the 911 call taker after the incident, but on Friday, Brown announced further action. 

Brown said a manager at the call center, Kimberly Cole, failed to be available to handle the difficult 911 call. Instead, Brown said Cole was in a meeting at the time.

Brown issued Cole a Written Reprimand and announced Cole is currently assigned to the Property Room.   Brown also said the man who called the meeting in which Cole was attending, Lieutenant Ronald Thomasson, received Advice and Instructions because of the incident. 

Under civil service rules, Cole has a right to appeal her discipline. The family of Deanna Cook has filed a lawsuit in connection with her death.

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