Two Donkeys on Fort Worth Cattle Farm Killed With Arrows

Fort Worth police are investigating a disturbing animal-cruelty case in which an archer shot and killed two donkeys.

Karen Oney found the bodies of two of the donkeys on her family's cattle farm near Saginaw on Monday morning.

"I'm outraged," she said. "This is horrible."

Police told Oney they suspect someone shot the animals from between 10 to 15 feet away.

"This morning, it was ... disturbing to drive in here and see two of them dead with bow and arrow, and the arrows still in them," Oney said.

There are about 15 donkeys on her family's farm. Their role is to protect the young calves from coyotes and other wild animals.

But on Sunday night, the donkeys weren't able to protect themselves.

"I just don't think a seasoned hunter that does this for sport and plays by the rules -- I just can't imagine they would do this," Oney said.

Fort Worth police said the shooters came through a gap in the fence where the barbed wire is separated.

Oney also pointed out a trail of footsteps that leads to the scene of the crime.

The donkeys were sisters, and their mother refused to leave their side.

"She wouldn't leave them -- didn't eat all day, just stood around and looked at them," Oney said. "I just want us to find out who did it."

Fort Worth police took the arrows from the scene as evidence. The department is investigating the case along with the Tarrant County game warden.

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