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Donald Trump Departs Dallas for a Fundraiser in Florida

Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail this week, with a fundraising stop in Dallas Tuesday afternoon.

Trump attended a private fundraiser at the Hilton Lincoln Centre in North Dallas.

"We're all behind him," said Linda Meyers as she left the fundraiser. "He will win because we're going to get out and turn out the vote for him."

The gathering, along with a fundraiser in San Antonio, is expected to raise several million dollars for Trump and the Republican National Committee, The Dallas Morning News reported.

"The bottom line in this election is really a Grand Canyon of difference between these two candidates," said Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick who chairs the Trump campaign in Texas. "He'll win Texas. We are a crimson red Republican state."

Patrick said Trump spoke to a "packed room" and talked about the issues the country faces, not the controversy surrounding him.

Dallas County Democrats came out swinging ahead of Trump's arrival in the Lone Star State.

Judge Clay Jenkins said that there is no question at this point that Trump has established himself as "unfit to serve as president" and said it's getting more likely that "Texas will turn blue."

State Senator Royce West said Texas will see a voter turnout this November like it has never seen before.

"Even though you’re coming to the ATM in Dallas, in Texas today, to get additional money, I will assure you the money will not get you in the polls where you need to be," West said of Trump's fundraising stop.

Jenkins and West, joined by other area Democrats, also urged Republicans leaders and voters to take a stand against Trump as election day nears.

Trump left Dallas at about 6 p.m. headed to Florida for a public rally in Panama City.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton made a public appearance with former former Vice President Al Gore at a rally in Miami.

NBC 5's Homa Bash and Noelle Walker contributed to this report.

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