Troy Aikman Gets Personal About Melanoma

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Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is making a personal announcement about his battle with Stage II melanoma, in hopes of raising awareness about the deadly disease.

Aikman is part of the "Melanoma Just Got Personal" campaign, saying in a video on initiative's website, "I happened to notice a spot on my back when I was drying off after I'd showered."

Aikman goes on to say his sisters, both nurses, took a look at it and told him to get it checked with his Dallas dermatologist.

"They did a biopsy, and a week later I got a call and they said I needed to come in and see them, and he told me it was melanoma. Even at that time, that meant nothing to me. I didn't even know what melanoma was," Aikman says.

That was in 1998, and Aikman said luckily he caught it in the early stages.

"Now I get checked twice a year and try to stay on top of it as best I can," Aikman said.

Aikman said he wants to empower and educate patients and caregivers of melanoma and bring awareness about the advancements of therapy options.

"I want to help those fighting for their lives to learn everything they can about this disease," said Aikman.

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