Traveling Abroad: How to Protect Your Health & Electronics

If you've got the travel bug and getting a stamp on your passport is in your future plans -  there are many things you don't want to forget before hopping on that plane.

Spring Break, for many folks, is just a couple days away and summer vacation plans may already be in the works.

But sometimes it's easy to forget the small details when traveling.

If you're taking your passport with you don't forget to make a copy of it in case it gets lost. Leave a copy at home or with someone you trust and bring a copy to keep in your luggage.

Check with your health insurance. See if your policy applies to overseas emergencies. If not consider, getting supplemental insurance.

Many people will bring along the iPad and the cell phone, but there are 15 types of electrical outlets used throughout the world, make sure you get an adapter before you leave. Check so you know what kind you need in the country you're traveling to. Additionally, make sure your plan covers cell and data roaming in the country you're headed.

There's nothing worse than showing up and realizing you can't charge any of your electronics. If the goal for the vacation is to "unplug", maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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