Traffic Noise Loud Issue for Neighborhoods Near I-35W

Some communities can't have sound walls

Homeowners in Fort Worth’s Oakhurst neighborhood have mixed feelings about the Texas Department of Transportation's proposed expansion of Interstate 35W between Interstate 30 and Loop 820.

Residents along the interstate near Northside Drive like the idea of less traffic on I-35W, but the faster drive times could come with a loud trade-off.

"Well the main thing that we want to see is a noise barrier of some sort that's going to help keep the noise level of the interstate down," said Oakhurst resident Denise Bennett.

TxDOT has plans to put up sound walls along the I-35W expansion that will stretch from I-30 to I-820, but some neighborhoods don't meet national environmental standards to get them.

Oakhurst does not qualify because it's on a bluff. TxDOT says the bluff makes the sound walls ineffective and means the agency has to figure out other ways to keep traffic noise down which could include the type of pavement used and other kinds of barriers.

"It's something that has to be done, but also you really hope that TxDOT recognizes the effect of, or how fragile this church and this Oakhurst Community is, and what they can do to protect us," said Oakhurst resident Brendan Ahern.

Oakhurst is not the only community that can't have sound walls.

TxDOT is still taking feedback from residents about the expansion.

You can show up to voice your suggestions in person or send mail to:

TxDOT Fort Worth District
2501 Southwest Loop
Fort Worth, TX 76133

TxDOT will stop taking suggestions June 25.

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