Trader Joe's Rumors Continue

Online report with possible North Texas locations fuels speculation

Ever since Trader Joe's announced in May that it was heading to North Texas, online rumors have run rampant about where the company would open stores.

The speculation heated up again this week with an online post at Pegasus News citing anonymous sources. According to the report, there will be two Dallas locations and one in Fort Worth.

The Dallas locations would be at Walnut Hill at Central and possibly on Knox Street. The Fort Worth location is listed as somewhere along Camp Bowie Boulevard.

The folks at the nonprofit Camp Bowie District, which works to sustain and support the boulevard, said they are excited about the news but don't know themselves where Trader Joe's may be going.

"We haven't been contacted by Trader Joe's, but we definitely look forward to working with them if they decide to call Camp Bowie home," said Lisa Powers, president of the group.

Rumored locations range from the Ridglea area and an old Kroger's store to a vacant lot across from the Kimbell Art Museum. Dan Shovelin of URC in Dallas said the land was presented to Trader Joe's, but the company recently passed saying it secured a location nearby.

However, Trader Joe's corporate offices in Monrovia, Calif., said it has no sites to confirm right now.

That doesn't bother potential shoppers though -- just as long as one does come to the area.

"I've heard from people about how great it is," Gayle Hill said. "And I love food. I'm kind of a foodie, so I couldn't be happier."

"You won't be disappointed," Nancy Bergeron said. "I'm glad to hear they're coming to an awesome neighborhood already."

Wherever the store goes in Fort Worth, if it comes to Fort Worth, Powers said she believes it will be a success that could help spur additional growth along Camp Bowie.

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