Tow Truck Operator, Gunman Killed in Shootout

Dallas police have revealed new information surrounding the death of a tow truck operator and another man.

Police said tow truck driver, Antonio Jones, and his partner, Jose Martinez, were towing illegally parked cars at the Casa Place Apartments on the 3300 block of Chapel Creek Drive early Friday when they were flagged down by a man.

That man was the brother of Israel Esparza, whose car was towed earlier in the evening.  While Jones and Martinez were talking with the man, Esparza emerged from between two vehicles and shot Martinez in the back of the head at close range.

Jones then unholstered a gun and the two exchanged gunshots.  Esparza was killed in the shootout.

Jones was arrested at the scene and released pending a grand jury referral.

Police said there is both audio and video of the incident, recorded by a surveillance camera onboard the tow truck.  The Dallas County DA will determine, along with the grand jury, if the video will be released.

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