Tornado Victims Rush to Protect Homes Before Freeze

10 days after a tornado outbreak hit several North Texas communities, some people are still without heat as temperatures dip.

Though power's been restored at her north Dallas home, Tricia Pittman says they're still waiting on gas meters to be replaced along her street to turn the heat back on.

After the tornado threatened to wipe off the back half of her home, she stayed for several days.

Now she and her family are staying somewhere warm, but she spent most of Wednesday at home working to protect it from a possible freeze.

"I'm worried about the pipes bursting, so I was able to turn off the water at the meter and drain some of the pipes and take all of the hoses off the faucets and drain those," said Tricia Pittman.

She also had an appointment with a pool tech to see what if anything could be done to protect pool pumps still clogged with debris.

"It's hard to see things just continually get worse. You know, you just kind of want to protect it as much as possible," said Pittman.

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