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'Tis the season to shop for family and friends. But with so many great items to choose from and so many people to get gifts for, Holiday shopping can sometimes feel like a daunting task, not to mention an expensive one.

That’s why San Marcos Outlets is here to help with 10 Holiday shopping hacks that’ll ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Located between Austin and San Antonio, the San Marcos Outlets are the largest outlet center in the United States. That means not only great savings, but also a broad range of gifts. Made up of San Marcos Premium Outlets and Tanger Outlets, you won’t find many of these luxury designers or brand outlets anywhere else in Texas.

To help you find the best deals of the season, we’ve enlisted the help of image coach and keynote speacker Sarah Shah, who’s shared her top ten tips below.

  1. Tag-Team with a friend. Shopping with a friend helps you cover more ground and sniff out the really great deals. You can both look for the items you want and update each other when you score a deal.

  2. Make a list of the stores you definitely want to visit and check out where they are located on the outlet’s online or printed directory in advance. This way you can plan your strategy and avoid doubling back because you missed one.

  3. Ask the sales associate to show you the best deal in the store. They know their merchandise best and can lead you to the hidden deals.

  4. Luxury outlets have amazing customer service. Call them with your wish list and they will call and email you photos when the items you want come in.

  5. Ask if there are any other ways to save. Some stores have additional ways to save such as customer loyalty programs, discounts for military service personnel, students, seniors and secret in-store coupons. These extras can save you a lot more.

  6. Team-up with a friend and combine your purchases. You can take advantage of bigger savings with buy-one-get-one-free deals or qualify to use coupons that require bigger purchases (for example: get 25 percent-off a $100 purchase). 

  7. Luxury outlets have a sale schedule and always slash prices at major holidays and end of season. Call ahead to find out when sales begin and what items are included. On the other hand, most moderately priced name brands keep their sales schedules secret, to keep you coming in over and over to chase the deals. 

  8. Double-up to get the most for your money. If there’s a buy one get one free, get a second one for yourself, a friend, a gift or to donate to a homeless shelter.

  9. Ask if there’s any way the store can give you an additional discount. Some stores give an additional percentage off just because you asked.

  10. Look for great values. A good value is not necessarily the cheapest item. Cheap is just finding a low price. Value is finding a balance between price and quality.

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