“Too Much Water” a Mixed Blessing for Lavon Businesses

With Lavon Lake a foot above capacity, shoreline businesses are dealing with the positive and negative effects of too much water.

After years of drought, however, Collin Park Marina business manager Debra Wiley says she expects this year to be one of their best.

All their covered stalls for boats are rented and all the boat ramps in the park are open, after being closed last season.

“It will be one of our best years in a long time,” Wiley said. “We’re very excited to have the water level up.”

However, on Tuesday, the marina had lost power.

Water levels had risen above where they’d temporarily run lines to a power source, forcing electricians to wade in knee-high water to re-route electricity.

The marina’s managers are also considering whether it’s time to move locations.

Over the past few years, they’ve moved back and forth from a sheltered cove to open water at very high expense.

Today, they sit in deep, open water, which, they worry, if the lake rises a few more feet, leaves them vulnerable to drifting away.

“We will float off,” said boater Jonathan Weaver. “If we come off the anchor poles, it will be bad.”

Today, Wiley tells NBC 5 they hope to avoid moving the marina again until the end of boating season.

She adds it’s possible that as soon as summer starts and water restrictions end, the lake levels will drop dramatically again.

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