Tips for Texas Tax-Free Weekend 2019

Whether you're new to Texas or a longtime resident of the Lone Star State, tax-free weekend is an event that draws millions of shoppers to the stores, and it's all in honor of back-to-school.

"This is really a big deal. Texans can expect to save an estimated $102 million on back-to-school shopping on tax free weekend," said Holly Quartaro, fashion stylist for Galleria Dallas.

Families can expect to save about $8 for every $100 spent, and with most parents spending an average of nearly $700 on back-to-school items, the  savings should start to add up.

"Tax-free weekend is actually a great time to shop because you're saving the tax, but a lot of retailers are actually having sales," Quartaro said. "So, you're saving that initial money on the sale price and then you're also saving the tax, so its kind of double dipping on a discount."

But Quartaro said the tax-free rules can get tricky, so let's break them down.

Generally speaking, all individual school supplies and most clothing and footwear under $100 will be tax free, but there are some exceptions.

"First of all let's talk about backpacks and purses. Backpacks are for back-to-school, so they are considered tax-free this weekend, but purses and handbags will still be taxable," she said.

"Athletic shoes, footwear, boots, as long as it's under $100, you will save the taxes this weekend. However, sports specific shoes like cleats, will still be taxed," Quartaro said.

"Same with the necklace and the scarf. Two items that are both accessories worn around the neck. The necklace is jewelry. It will still be taxed. The scarf is considered an article of clothing, so its tax free," she explained.

"A hat is considered an item of clothing, they will be tax-free. However, the hair bows, they are accessories, so they are still taxed this weekend," Quartaro said.

Leather accessories can also be tricky.

"The wallet is considered an accessory. It will still be taxed this weekend, but the belt is considered something you wear as part of your outfit, so its tax free," she explained.

Also, look for sales!

Many stores will mark their items down to $99.99, just so you can save on the taxes.

Consumers can also save taxes from an online retailer doing business in Texas.

For more info on tax free weekend, click here.

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