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Threats From Gov. Abbott Among Reasons Why Keller ISD Keeps Book Challenges Secretive

Keller ISD’s arguments for withholding information are partially due to threats from Gov. Abbott

NBC 5 News

Fear of retribution from Gov. Greg Abbott contributes to Keller school officials’ push to keep deliberations about which books to ban from libraries private.

Keller ISD is among many school systems embroiled in a fight about whether students should have access to books that delve into issues of race and sexuality. Republican state leaders, such as Abbott, have poured gasoline on this culture-war issue, stoking fear in educators with the looming possibility of investigations and criminal penalties.

Abbott’s threats are part of the justification Keller ISD attorneys are using to argue that book challenge committee meetings should be held behind closed doors and the identities of members withheld from the public.

The Dallas Morning News is seeking details on the process via public information requests, but the district has not provided documentation about who is serving on these committees. Officials have also said the meetings would not be open.

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