Third-Grader Battling Disease Gets Wish Granted

Friday is the last day of the school year for students in Frisco.

For one third grader, it'll be a summer he never forgets.

Esteben Porras, 9, was diagnosed with a rare disease in June 2014.

Doctors found two tumors growing on his hip and spine.

"It feels like ache and sometimes sharp pain,” Porras said.

Amanda Porras, Esteban’s mother, remembers hearing the diagnosis.

"The minute they take you to another room and they don't take you to a room with him you realize something's wrong and so they sat us down and said he has a tumor, a very large tumor,” Amanda said.

For nine months, Porras went through numerous rounds of chemotherapy.

In December, he told the Make-A-Wish Foundation the one thing he wanted to do was take a family trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Friday, in front of classmates at Shawnee Trail Elementary, he learned his wish is coming true.

"I was surprised when they told me,” Porras said. "I think it's really cool. I'm really excited to go there."

Now the countdown is on and Amanda says the trip, scheduled for July, couldn't come at a better time.

Esteben is done with chemotherapy.

"So far everything's looking great. They've done complete bone scans. We've done blood work and so far it looks like the disease is at bay,” she said.

Esteben has even returned to playing soccer, a third-grader determined to beat a disease that sidelined him for long enough.

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