‘Thimble' Sized Portions Served at School Lunch: Burleson Parents

Burleson parents are demanding answers after what they are calling "minuscule" portions were served to students at lunch this week at Kerr Middle School.

“I first thought it had to be a mistake or the kids were messing around. And then when he told me that’s all we got, it’s just a little shocking. I didn’t know what to think,” said mother Shelley Glenney.

Glenney said her 13-year-old son, Tanner Glenney, sent her a picture from school of a taco shell with what she described as a "thimble" about of taco meat inside of it.

At first she thought it was funny, but the more she considered the situation, the more it bothered her.

“They can’t concentrate when they don’t have enough to eat,” she said.

Shelley Glenney said her son posted the picture on Facebook and soon it was making the rounds to dozens of other parents.

“I saw the reaction from the other parents, saying things like they were fuming and it was outrageous,” Shelley Glenney said.

After hearing about the post, Kerr Middle School administrators spoke to Tanner and reached out to his mom, apologizing about the small portions and thanking them for bringing the situation to light.

In a phone conversation with NBC 5, Associate Superintendent of Educational Operations Jerry Hollingsworth said, “Any reasonable person can see there’s not enough meat on that taco.”

“I’m certainly not aware of this being a pattern and if that’s the case, we need to fix it and we will,” he said.

Hollingsworth went on to say he and other administrators would meet with employees in charge of nutrition to make sure each student would receiving a proper amount of food every day.

Tanner Glenney said he was happy the school apologized and he’s just hoping things are different the next time tacos appear on the menu.

“I think maybe they should give us a little more food,” he said. “I’m just hoping maybe they can put some more meat on it.”

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