Thieves Target Storm Grates

Police in Allen are searching for the people who took at least 16-storm grates on Sunday and Monday.

“It’s the first I’ve seen in 11-years,” said Officer Sam Rippamonti with Allen Police.

Investigators and neighbors where the thefts occurred agree, it’s a crime they’ve never seen before. Police believe the thief or thieves are stealing the 150-pound pieces of solid iron to sell for scrap.

“Why would anyone take this thing, it’s got to be heavy, what would it be worth,” said neighbor Tom Faucher whose grates were stolen Sunday.

Each grate will garner about $11 if sold for scrap, according to Allen Police but will cost over $180, not including labor, to replace. But it’s safety, not expense, that police and city officials say is their top priority following the thefts.

“Our concern is if a child were to fall in there, the risk of injury,” said Rippamonti.

Orange cones are currently in place to warn drivers and pedestrians as the city waits for replacement grates expected to cost over $3,000.

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