“There Were a Lot of Heroes That Day”

Wounded soldier talks about Fort Hood shooting

Army Specialist Logan Burnette said his goal is to return to active duty once he heals from wounds suffered in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood.

During a short, but emotional news conference, Burnette said he and a group of about forty soldiers were waiting to see doctors when the shooting started. "Out of no where a man stood up in uniform, screamed Allahu Akbar and proceeded to open fire on myself and the rest of my fellow soldiers sitting there, all defenseless, no weapons, and, it happened real quick, real quick."

Burnette said most in the room got down to the floor trying to avoid a barrage of bullets. He said some soldiers threw chairs at the gunman in an attempt to stop him. Burnette said he stood up and threw a folding table at the gunman and got hit with gunfire.

Burnette suffered wounds to his hip, abdomen, left arm and hand. Doctors told him the bullet that entered in his hip and damaged his upper and lower intestines remain lodged in his body.

The Army Specialist recounted his desperation to get out of the building but being unable to run or walk because of his wounds. Burnette became emotional when talking about a soldier who helped him escape. "He did a lot for me here, he dragged me by the collar, pulled me into the building and locked me in an office in that second building and performed first aid on me. The whole time I was sitting there hearing gunshots going off all over the place."
"There were a lot of heroes that day, and by no means am I to take precedence over any of them. There's a lot of heroes still in Iraq and Afghanistan and they do not need to be forgotten," a teary eyed Burnette said. He said his main concern was to get passed the tragedy and move on with his military career.

12 soldiers and 1 civilian died in the shooting, 29 others were injured.

The suspected shooter, Major. Nidal Malik Hasan, was shot by civilian police and is recovering, under guard, at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

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