Thieves Steal Police Officer's Guns, Badge

Everman police say a thief is running loose -- armed with an officer's badge and his two guns.

Officer James Spradley's red truck was burglarized at the T.G.I. Friday's in the 12000 block of South Freeway. Thieves smashed his passenger side window and stole a Glock 26 and a Bersa .380, as well as his Everman police badge and bulletproof vest.

He  said he is worried about what the thieves may do next.

"The problem is, those guns are on the street and it makes me feel responsible," Spradley said. "That person is walking around with a gun, a badge and two guns, and to a normal citizen, that is a police officer."

Everman police said they are afraid the thief might try to impersonate an officer.

The department has notified all police agencies in the state and says all the agencies are on the lookout.

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