Sending Smiles Half-Way Around the World

Victory Boxes help troops win hearts, minds of Iraqi and Afghan citizens

After years of sending care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, a North Texas woman is now encouraging others to do the same.

But the Victory Boxes aren't filled with things for the troops. Rather, they're filled with items for the men, women and children stuck in war-torn areas.

The shoes, clothes, school supplies and toys are a way to win their hearts and minds of the people, which the founder, Mary Margaret Halleck, said is critical if the United States wants to win the wars.

"Everything that we take for granted -- soap and towels and washcloths and food -- they may get up in the morning and have all their belongings on one blanket, and they may have to pick it up and leave. That's all they have," she said.

Victory Boxes are available at the Southlake Library or people can pick up a flat-rate box at any U.S. Postal Office.

For more information on how to send it, click here.

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