Texas Rep. Paul Workman Calls on TAMU Chancellor to Ban White Lives Matter Rally

He says many Aggie grads will be writing the University

Many Texas legislators are asking Texas A&M to denounce Preston Wiginton's planned 'White Lives Matter rally', which is scheduled to take place on Septemeber 11.

Members of the legislature held a moment of silence for the victims of violence in Charlottesville and denounced the hate that caused the unrest.

Representative Paul Workman, a former A&M graduate, said he and others hope Texas A&M's chancellor, John Sharp, will ban the rally. Rep. Workman added that several Aggies plan to write the chancellor to voice their opinions on the matter.

Mr. Workman also mentioned a petition of the rally was circulating among Aggie-grads in legislature, with the hope of keeping Wigington's rally off A&M's campus.

A Texas A&M spokeswoman voiced earlier this weekend that the rally is contrary to the University's values.

It is unclear whether the rally will take place; however some students have already begun preparing to counter-demonstrate on Twitter, using the hashtag #maroonwall.

Dallas Rep. Helen Giddings urged administrators to "unequivocally denounce and fight against" racist groups.

Texas House of Representatives member Rafael Anchia took to twitter to voice his pride in the legislature's response.

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