Texas Pet Shop Employee Builds Wheelchair for Disabled Goldfish

A San Antonio pet shop is helping a goldfish with a problem and now the story is going viral.

The goldfish has a defective swim bladder which makes floating difficult.

According to employee Taylor Dean, the goldfish was brought in by his previous owner who didn't know what to do with him.

So Dean and Dereck Burnett worked together to fashion a "goldfish wheelchair."

Using a counterbalance on the bottom of the device, they found a way to allow the fish to swim around.

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"He seems to be much happier now than he used to be so, it's been a life changing experience for him, for sure," said Burnett, who created the wheelchair. "He's a tough little guy. I mean, he refused to give up."

"With all the stuff going on everywhere, it's just a good story, no matter who you are it just makes you smile," said Dean, who helped create the wheelchair.

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